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Secretarial Wars

Linda Gould

Miriam, a Washington secretary in her late twenties, recently divorced, living in a drab apartment and stuck in a dead–end job, longs for fame, fortune and love. Her days are spent in an office cubicle, surrounded by files belonging to applicants for U. S. Peace grants, a program that sends scholars abroad to teach and disseminate American ideals¾or maybe for more dubious purposes.

Miriam’s two best friends at work, flower child Jocelyn and conventional Cass, harbor ambitions of their own. The three secretaries lunch together weekly at a nightclub that Jocelyn co–manages in her spare time. Her life’s dream is to be reunited with a rock star who got his start there. Cass sets her sights on a local football hero, and hatches a plot to use her superior secretarial skills to ensnare him. Miriam plans to write an investigative piece about her agency for an underground newspaper editor who holds court there. The three girlfriends confront their dreams and their demons in a wild finale, a fund-raiser for a fire–breathing Mayoral candidate.

From the cubicle to the Oval Office, Secretarial Wars offers a light–hearted look at bureaucratic life in Washington, D. C.

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